5 Best Movie Soundtracks for Perfect Studying

You always hear people talk about the best songs to dance to, work out to, drive to, etc., but right now, let’s give some attention to a less celebrated (but still important!) music subgenre: Study core.

It contains some special kind of song to help you get through a lengthy study session. And with school coming back sooner than later, we’re looking at five of our favorite movie soundtracks to soundtrack your study session. These albums aren’t too in your face, but they aren’t so monotonous that you’ll fall asleep mid-sentence. Here are some suggested that you can consider to listen and don’t remember to download it from YouTube to MP3 converter for owning a full soundtrack at once.


Pulp Fiction

Mixing old school soul, surf rock, funk and country, the Pulp Fiction soundtrack is a refreshingly eclectic compilation. This one is especially suited to late-night study sessions when you’re tending to fall asleep — gunfire-filled audio excerpts from the movie will wake you up if you doze off.

TRON: Legacy

When Disney set about rebooting the ’80s cult classic, they turned to dance world to create the sounds and the music of the virtual world of TRON: Legacy. Listening to this special soundtrack might be too distracting for some while studying, but Daft Punk’s negotiation between dance music and a traditional movie score must be the kind of music that gets you energized – but not too turn up.


If you put on any other Disney soundtrack, you’ll probably just end up singing along. But the Fantasia soundtrack is really a great classical music sampler. With multiple composers and different pieces, it covers just about every mood on the spectrum: There’s the devilish “Night on Bald Mountain,” the playful “Nutcracker Suite,” the contemplative “Ave Maria” and the intense “Rite of Spring.”

Guardians of the Galaxy

Sometimes you find yourself awake at 2 a.m. with no end in sight. On those nights, gentle background music just won’t do. Let’s catch an eye on Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. It’s a parade of feel-good ’70s hits with soaring melodies and sing-along choruses. Between “I Want You Back” and “Hooked on a Feeling”, this one will give you just enough energy to power through one more hour.

Empire Strikes Back

From the majestic Star Wars opening theme to the ominous Imperial March, the soundtrack of the most memorable movie in the series also features its finest music. The romantic orchestral swell when Han Solo gets frozen alive as Princess Leia looks on might make you tear up a little bit, but it must be perfect background music for memorizing something you’ll be allowed to forget in some weeks.

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